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India’s Beloved and most famous Tiger dies at 20

India's Beloved and most famous Tiger dies at 20
India's Beloved and most famous Tiger dies at 20

India’s most photogenic Tiger ‘Machli’ died at the Ranthambore National Park at the age of 20. Machli was India’s Beloved and Most Famous Tiger. What made Machli unique was her calm nature and her love for being Photographed. She even has a Facebook page and after her natural death, fans paid tribute on the page for the love of the Tigress. India has a large Population of tigers and constitutes more than half of the tigers which are found in the world.

India's Beloved and most famous Tiger dies at 20
Queen of Ranthambore

Machli was the main attraction of the Ranthambore National park and over the years she was slowing down and lost her teeth in the process. According to Ranthambore National park authority, she was found starving and laying on the park’s side. The National park did its best to get the tigress recovered but the age was catching up and she died a natural death. After the news broke out of her death, fans came out with grief and sorrow and paid tribute by calling her ‘ Lady of the Lake’ and ‘Queen of Ranthambore’. 

The word Machli is a Hindi word which means fish and she was named because of the marks on her face. She had 11 cubs and their offspring constitutes the major part of Tiger population in Ranthambore National Park. Tiger might be old but it is still a tiger and as per the National park officials, last time the Tigress ate was on 12th of this month and they tried to serve her meat but she refused as she as still a Tiger and the Big Cats have their rules . One of the staff felt nostalgic about her death as moments flashed in front of his eyes when Machli first came to the Ranthambore National park in 1997. Death is a part of life and the Lady of the lake will always be remembered for her calm nature. RIP MACHLI. 



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