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Love,Happiness and Expectations around it

Love,Happiness and Expectations around it. These are all powerful words of human life and most of human life revolves around it.Love is what we all are looking for and we all want to be loved, it all sounds so simple but it’s not that simple actually. What we want most of the times is the root cause of most of our troubles. In our dreams and selfish ends what we forget is that everyone is like us and if we want to be loved then people around us also feel the same.

Love,Happiness and Expectations around it

Love as an emotion is so simple and pure and yet you will see people always asking strange questions like, ‘I don’t know if I love him/her. This should be the most simple question that if you love someone or not? In your mind you always know if you love that person or not. The problem starts when you start defining that love with the relationship type that you want to have with that person.

Love,Happiness and Expectations around it

When you start defining love then it leaves your mind perplexed. Then you start to trouble your mind with your expectations about love and is that the same love that you have seen in movies, read in books and you start comparing your love with these things. What happened here is that the mind that was only focusing on love has suddenly lost its focus and has started to compare different situations. Human Beings are so result oriented that as soon as they start a task they want to know where it’s heading. Love is definitely not a task, when you are in Love, don’t think about anything else just, Love the phase that Love has offered you. Once you will start enjoying Love then you will discover that it is the only emotion that can transpire happiness.

Love,Happiness and Expectations around it

People often complain that love hurts. If you ask yourself then you will come to know that it’s not the love that hurts, what hurts is the expectations that are layered around love. Love and Happiness go hand in hand and if you will try to bring expectations in it then you might have to compromise on any one of them. The crux of the matter is that if you Love someone then do not think about anything else just Love him/her with all your heart. Love is the most beautiful emotion and has to be discovered in every phase of life, Love is neither a task nor a destination, It is a long journey and if travelled with heart will always bring Happiness in your Life.


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