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Maratha Empire that scared the Mughals

Maratha Empire that scared the Mughals

Maratha Empire that scared the Mughals was a powerful kingdom that covered the most of India and it existed from 1674 to 1818. Mughal Empire and the Maratha’s existed coherently in power for a period of time but there philosophies were different in regards to the country and they clashed. According to historians it is said that it was the power of Maratha empire that ended the Mughal Empire in India. History of Maratha Empire goes back to 1674 when their great leader Shivaji decided to take up arms against Mughal empire and conquered Raigad from them, which later became their capital city. It was Shivaji that had the vision of Hindavi Swarajya which was something that never pleased the Mughals. The clash of Mughals and Maratha’s was based on religious conflict.

  • The beginning of Maratha power started with a conflict with Adilshahi where Marathas showed their power and won their first battle.
  • A few years before the First battle of Panipat, Marathas did what nobody thought of when they looted Diwan-i-Khas in Red fort and it was an embarrassing moment for the Mughals and post that they invaded the Rohilkhand and defeated Rohillas in 1750.
  • After their increase in power in the north, When Marathas heard the news of Afghans coming to north, They responded fiercely with a huge army, But they lost as the Mughals were able to unite the Muslims and they lost the Third battle of Panipat.
  • It was a time when the East India company was stretching its reach in India and they also came in conflict with the Marathas.
Maratha Empire that scared the Mughals
Battle of Assaye
  1. First Anglo-Maratha War: In 1775 the East India company tried to interfere with the Maratha empire and were badly defeated in the battle of Vadgaon.
  2. Battle of Assaye: This was the second Anglo-Maratha war which took place in 1803 and it was a big military campaign and it was also known as the Battle of Delhi and a defeat resulted in the loss of Delhi for the Marathas.
  3. Third Anglo-Maratha War: After the second Anglo Maratha war, the Marathas had become weak and ultimately in the third battle when Marathas were defeated, East India Company took power in most of the country.

There were two major leaders of the empire which were Chattrapati Shivaji who was the founder and BajiraoI and both were renowned for their bravery. One thing which was best about the Maratha Empire was they never conquered India, They were the sons of this soil only and the best thing that they did was ending most of the Mughal Empire in India. The Maratha Empire was one of the greatest Empires that serves India.



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