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Nanda dynasty and foreign invasions


The Shisunaga was getting weak which brought about the rise of Mahapadma who was the first king and founder of Nanda Dynasty. Mahapadma was known as the king of all kings as under his rule, he demolished all dynasties and making the Nanda Dynasty very powerfull and a force to reckon with.

Points of Nanda dynasty :

  • Nanda Dynasty ruler Mahapadma was called as ‘ekrat’ which means the sole monarch.
  • It is said Mahapadma was the greatest ruler at its peak Nanda Dynasty covered most of India which ranges from West Bengal to Punjab and most parts of South as well.
  • Mahapadma was known as the destroyer of Kshatriyas as he defeated so many kings in his reign.
  • Mahapadma had a huge army that had more than 200000 soldiers and 3000 elephants and more than 2000 chariots.
  • Mahapadma was called as the only king in the entire land.
  • It is asid that Bimbisara the founder of Haryanaka Dynasty was reborn as Mahapadma to become the greatest samrat of Magadha.
  • Nanda Dynasty was a very wealthy Dynasty as described in the Sangam Litreature.
  • Mahapadma¬† was Succeeded was his eight sons of which Dhananda was the last and most powerfull.
  • Nanda Dynasty was overthrown by Chandragupta Maurya with the help of Chanakya.
  • After The Great Ashoka, Mahapadma remains the greatest samrat of Magadha empire.

Nanda Dynasty

Foreign Invasions:

During the Nanda dynasty foreign invasions started. It was the King Mahapadma and after him his Son Dhanananda that even challenged Alexander from entering the Gangetic Valley. There were two foreign Invasions which are:

Persian Invasion – Darius’s Invasion (516 BC)

  • Darius 1 Invaded parts of Indus and which was the most fertile part of Persian Empire.
  • This Invasion created an Indo-Iranian contract that lasted for 200 years.
  • This Invasion helped in Indo-Iranian trade and commerce.
  • It was the persian Invasion that gave greek the Knowledge of the wealth India had and which lead to the Alexander Invasion.
  • Iranian Invasion brought a form of writing which was written from right to left and was known as Kharosthi script.

Foreign Invasion

Alexander’s Invasion (326 BC)

  • Alexander Destroyed the Iranian Empire in India.
  • Alexander was only 20 years old when he succeeded his father Philip to become the King.
  • Alexander defeted most of the Indian rulers because of their disunity.
  • Alexander defeated Porus and won the Battle of sakala.
  • Alexander could never come close to the Magadha Empire as he knew the might of that Empire.
  • Alexander marched back and he died at the age of 33 in babylon.
  • Alexander’s Invasion opened the eyes of Indian rulers on why they should remain united.



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