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North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India

North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India. North Sentinel Island located in Andaman and Nicobar is one scary and dangerous island in India. It is difficult to imagine that there are people in this world who do not want any contact with the outside world. They want to remain untouched and secluded. North Sentinel Island is one such place which has a tribe which has existed there for more than 60,000 years and still remains untouched by the outside world. North Sentinel Island is completely sorrounded by coral reefs and forests. There is a tribe living in North Sentinel Island for the past 60,000 years and they are known as Sentinelese. These people have been so secluded that you would be surprised to know if we tell you that they might not even know that they are a part of India or what India is?

North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India

Indian government had made various attempts to contact these people but it had not turned out good. On 2nd August the ship Primrose went to the North Sentinel Island and after a few days the captain notices that there were a few black men that were coming to the ship with arrows and spears and after contacting the Indian government immediately they were rescued by the helicopter of ONGC. This was the first occasion that it was clear that North Sentinel Island was a dangerous island and the Sentinelese people wanted to remain isolated from the world. Another attempt was made in 1991 when Trilokhinath Pandit who was the director on Anthropological survey of India in 1991 but it didn’t do anything as the Sentinelese again scared them and they had to leave the Island.

North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India

The devastating Tsunami and earthquake which happened in the Indian Ocean in 2004 made the Indian government worried as they thought it might have completely destroyed the Sentinelese tribe. Indian government sent a helicopter to monitor the situation in North Sentinel Island and as soon as there helicopter hovered above the island, they saw bunch of black men throwing stones and shot arrows at the helicopter and that confirmed that the Sentinelese tribe had survived the Tsunami and Earthquake.

North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India

In 2006 two fisherman lost there way as their boat had drifted to the North Sentinel Island and both of them were killed by the Sentinelese people. After these numerous incidents it is clear that the Sentinelese people don’t want to contact the outside world and would only want to remain isolated and secluded from the world. These incidents had made the North Sentinel Island a dangerous island in India and the world. Due to these incidents the Indian Navy has kept a 3 mile buffer zone so that the people do not lose their way to the North Sentinel Island. North Sentinel Island still remains a mystery.

North Sentinel Island apart from being a dangerous and isolated pace a beautiful flora and fauna and amazing coral reefs. The worrying sign for the Indian government is that there population is declining continuously and there is nothing that can be done as these people want to remain secluded. Here is the data by the population census of Indian for the North Sentinel Island.

North Sentinel Island:Dangerous,Isolated and Banned island in India

Population of North Sentinel Island:

Census Population Estimate
1901 117
1911 117
1921 117
1931 50
1961 50
1991 23
2001 39
2011 39

This is only an estimated number and as we can see there is a major decline in the population of the North Sentinel Island. It is astonishing to find out people like these who are still living a tribal life and who do not want any interference of the outside world.


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