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Secret society of Nine Unknown Men

Secret society of Nine Unknown Men

Secret society of Nine Unknown Men is the most fascinating story that you will ever hear.Human Beings are always fascinated with things that they cannot understand and things that look weird to them. Here is another story of a secret society that is trying to keep all the knowledge away from mankind so that it cannot be misused for evil or destructive purposes. So here is the Secret of Nine Unknown Men. The Story of Secret society of Nine Unknown Men goes back to the time of Mauryan Empire around 230 B.C. Ashoka the king of Mauryan Empire wanted to conquer everything and he was willing to go to war with anyone and everyone to achieve this goal. Due to huge Army that Asoka had most kingdoms at that time surrendered to Ashoka, But Kalinga refused to do that and Ashoka with his unbeatable army went to war against Kalinga and what happened next was a genocide. Around  100,000 people were killed and when Ashoka witnessed this Massacre, He realised that how destructive war is and decided to adopt a path of peace and Buddhism. It was during that time that he realised that Human mind is capable of doing evil if given extensive knowledge and decided that he needed to built a Secret society of Nine Unknown Men.

The Secret of Nine Unknown Men
Nine Unknown Men

As per the legend Ashoka developed a Secret society of Nine Unknown Men and each one of them with the Knowledge of one subject and they were supposed t keep it a secret from evil people. It is said these nine people converse in a language that has never been decrypted.

These Nine Books of Secret society of Nine Unknown Men

  1. The science of Propaganda that tells you how you can manipulate people and their ideas.
  2. The Second Book Deals with the science of Physiology which tells you about pressure points and also tells you how you can kill a person just by touching.
  3. The Third Book Deals with Microbiology which tells you how to create microbes that can kill the entire human race.
  4. The fourth book deals with the science of Alchemy in which you can covert any metal to Gold.
  5. The fifth book deals with the science of communication that tells you how to communicate with extra terrestrial creatures.
  6. The sixth book deals with the science of gravity which tells you about anti gravity techniques.
  7. The seventh book deals with the science of cosmology which talks about light technology and time travel.
  8. The eighth book is about the light and how to develop technologies that are light dependent.
  9. The ninth book is about sociology that talks about civilisations.

If you go by the legend then it is said that Ashoka asked the Historians to potray India as a poor and underdeveloped country because he never wanted the Knowledge to go out . The question is are these nine men still preserving the Knowledge?

source: Nine Unknown Men by Talbot Mundy


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