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Semblance between Love and Happiness

Semblance between Love and Happiness

Semblance between love and Happiness has been discussed widely and has been debated countless times. The question is are the two emotions same or if one is the successor of other. It has been observed in a number of studies that most often Love leads to Happiness and Happiness to love. Some philosophers have stated that Happiness is a fuzzy concept and there is no definite meaning or precise thought around it can vary depending on situations and the people involved in that situation. Sometime people often confuse these two terms and if something that makes them happy then they are under the impression that they love that. Love as an emotion is much more broader and universal in nature.


If you ask random people to define love then there thought process will start from first crush and finish with their partners in life, Is love confined to this definition only?. Can you quantify or define Love? These are intriguing questions that can give you a real headache. If Happiness is based on fuzzy logic, Is love also based on Fuzzy logic and can Love depend on situations and could it have different definitions as per individuals. The toughest question is to ask a child that Whether he/she loves his/her mother or if he/she feels happy with his/her mother. The answer probably would be both. Semblance between Love and Happiness is important and most of the times it comes naturally and when there is a contradiction then it means it is not natural. Either you are trying to be happy or you are trying to be in Love.

Semblance between Love and Happiness

Now, should there be a order in this and should love follow happiness or Should happiness follow love and is the order important in this semblance. People often say that Love from your heart and the irony is that happiness is a state of mind. If there is a semblance between Love and Happiness then does it also lead to a semblance between mind and heart. When Thomas Jefferson said that there should be Pursuit of happiness, he actually said it all and meant that happiness is a life long journey, it is not an object and you can keep it all the time. Happiness has to be discovered at different phases in your life and you have to re define Love along the way and that will create the Semblance between Love and happiness which are the two most powerful emotions of human beings.

We leave it to the readers that how do you prioritise Love and happiness in your life and maintain a good semblance between them. Let there be Love in your life and which should always bring Happiness in your life.


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