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The story of Black Taj Mahal

The story of Black Taj Mahal is one of the secrets that have been kept hidden somewhere in the history texts. Taj Mahal which is a white marble mausoleum was built by Shah Jahan a Mughal emperor in 1653 in the memory of his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. In 1983 UNESCO recognised Taj Mahal as the world heritage site. During a public vote for the Seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal won by a long margin. We all have heard that there was a Black Taj Mahal next to the original White marble mausoleum. This story goes back to the 16th century and it is said that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to built a Black Taj Mahal for himself which was supposed to be opposite to the Taj Mahal.

The story of Black Taj Mahal

Jean Baptiste Tavernier who was a European traveller visited Taj Mahal in 1665 and it is said he was the one who first mentioned the idea of Black Taj Mahal in his writings. In his writings it is said that Shah Jahan Started building the Black Taj Mahal opposite to the Original Taj Mahal but it was destroyed by his son Aurangzeb. There are many archaeologist who do not believe in this story and say it is nothing but just a Myth. There are many people who believe on this story and say that the Mehtab Bagh which is alongside Taj Mahal have ruins of the same Black Marble. In 1990 there were excavations conducted by the historians and they have some Black Marble, But they still called it a myth stating that with time there is discoloration on the marble and it is not Black.

We leave it to you whether the story is a Myth or a real idea that was destroyed by Aurangzeb. One thing is for sure that if there would have been a Black Taj Mahal Opposite to the Original structure, It would have been a Fantastic site and would only have enhanced the Beauty and The Wonder of the World which is Taj Mahal.



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