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The story of Raja Birbal

The story of Raja Birbal

Everyone has heard  different stories about Birbal. The story of Raja Birbal goes back to the 15th century and in our school days we have listened to countless tales that Raja Birbal out smarted the other people in Akbar’s chamber. This is not about his wit or intelligence. This story of Raja Birbal is about how a Hindu Poet became the most important Navratana (Nine Jewels) in Akbar’s chamber. Mahesh Das(Birbal) was born in Kalpi( Uttar Pradesh) in 1528 to Ganga Das and Anabha Davito. Birbal competed his education in Hindi,Sanskrit and Persian. Raja Birbal was known for writing beautiful poetry in Braj Language. It is said that before being included in Akbar’ chamber he served in Rajput court by the name of Brahma kavi in the leadership of Raja Ram Chandra who was ruling Reva.

According to historians it is believed that it was around 1556 to 1562 when Birbal joined Akbar’s Chamber. It was the Mughal emperor Akbar who gave Mahesh Das the name of Raja Birbal. In no time due to Birbal’s poetic charm and wit, He became one of the Nine Navratanas(Nine Jewel). Birbal didn’t had any military background and yet Akbar took him to most of his military campaigns. Historians Believe this was due to the fact that Akbar considered Birbal to be highly intelligent and used him in planning attacks in neighbouring Kingdoms. But all was not good for Raja Birbal and it said that most of Akbar’s Muslim advisers highly disliked Birbal’s growing reputation.

The story of Raja Birbal

Abdul Qadir Badayuni who was one of the members in Akbar’s court once called Birbal as a ‘Bastard’. If we go by the word of Historians then Akbar always wanted Birbal close to him and he offered him a two storey palace next to his chambers in Fateh pur Sikri. In 1586 Akbar sent Birbal on an important mission to counter the Yousafzai tribes from Afghanistan. It is said that those people knew about the Mughal attack and were hiding for a counter strike and Mughals were defeated badly and they lost around 8000 soldiers and Raja Birbal was also killed in the same Battle. Birbal’s dead body was never recovered and it is said that Akbar was so sad after the loss of Birbal that he had not no food for a couple of days. The story of Raja Birbal is one that would be remembered for his Intelligence and wit.

Akbar and Birbal tales are published in many books which features how Birbal used tackle his enemies with his wit and they are depicted in humorous manner. Birbal depicts a person who always thinks from his mind and takes control of any situation with his amazing wit. If you want to read these stories you can read Amar chitra katha and many more children books.




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