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Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

India is a land of diverse Natural landscapes, From beautiful beaches to mesmerising mountains, India has got it all. Here are Top 10 most dangerous roads in India that have been carved out of mountains and hills. If you think you have got it all when it comes to driving, then we will suggest you to experience these roads which have got all the risk and if you are willing to go there, make sure you do it at your own risk. These highways or roads are not for the faint hearted. Here is a look at Top 10 most dangerous roads in India.

1.) Zoji La Pass:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Zoji La Pass

This is one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Zoji La Pass situated in Jammu and Kashmir is an important link between Sonamgarh to Ladakh and Kashmir Valley. The road has a length of 9 km and is at an elevation of 11575 ft.

2.) Three Level Zigzag Road:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Three Level Zigzag Road

As the name suggests this road is literally a zigzag road. This 30 km stretch is located in Himalayan range in Sikkim and has around 100 hair pin bends. If you are travelling on this, make sure you carry lemons as you are bound to feel dizzy and uneasy.

3.) Neral-Matheran Road:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Neral-Matheran Road

This stretch located in the south western part of India is a way to the beautiful hill station of Matheran. The road starts from Neral which is a small town in Raigad district of Maharashtra and at a height of 40 ft and when it reaches Matheran after about 9 km then it is at an elevation of 2600 ft.

4.) Leh-Manali Highway:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Leh-Manali Highway

This highway with a length of 490 km connects Manali in Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh. At its peak it reaches at an elevation of 13000 ft. This Highway is only open for four months in summer and is closed in winters sue to excessive snowfall.

5.) Chang La: 

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Chang La

Chang la means Pass towards South as La means Pass and Chang means South. This is one of the Highest mortar road in India with an elevation of around 17590 ft. When you are at the peak of this road, it is advised that you should not stay for more than 20 minutes as it can be harmful for your health. This road takes you to the Pangong Lake in Leh.

6.) National Highway 22:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
National Highway 22

This highway can literally shiver you with fear and at the same time mesmerise you with the scenic beauty. The highway is more dangerous not because of the elevation but due to the poor maintenance of the roads. The highway is around 459 km and starts from Ambala in Haryana and goes through the hair pin stretches of Himalayas.

7.) Khardung La Pass:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Khardung la Pass

This mountain pass located in Ladakh was opened for public in 1988 and is at an elevation of around 18000 ft. This pass has a great importance as major supplies to Siachen Glacier are carried out using this pass. It connects Leh to Nubra Valley.

8.) Nathu La Pass:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Nathu la Pass

This pass connects Sikkim to Tibet and is most important route between India and China. This pass is at an elevation of 14000 ft. The length is around 54 km and you need special permission to travel through this route.

9.) Valparai Tirupati Ghat:

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Valparai Tirupati Ghat

Valparai is a hill station on the western Ghats in Coimbatore and is located at an elevation of 3500 ft. What you need to be careful about are the hair pin Bends and this pass is very accident prone.

10.) Kishtwar Kailash Road: 

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India
Kishtwar Kailash Road

Till now if you have just heard the word terrifying and you want to experience it, then this is the road for you. This road is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and you can bet this would terrify even the most professional drivers.

As they say all wonderful things come with a bit of risk, All these roads are Dangerous and yet they are immensely beautiful, No straight path can be beautiful, If you willing to see all these scenic beauty, then it is worth taking a risk on these Dangerous roads of India.



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