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Top 10 Myths about COVID19

Top 10 Myths about COVID19

COVID19 has been the most searched word recently . There are a lot of myths prevailing everywhere related to COVID19. Here are the Top 10 Myths about COVID19.

1. Drinking Alcohol can prevent or cure COVID19: We all love our drinks and miss drinking in this lockdown period. Let this be very clear that there is no clear evidence that consumption of alcohol can prevent or cure Corona.

2. 5G network spread COVID19: There was information flowing that corona is traveling on radio waves well fortunately that is not the case. Virus cannot travel on mobile signals.

3. Exposing yourself to sun or higher temperature can prevent COVID19: This is clearly not the case because COVID19 is a pandemic and has spread in countries which have high temperatures as well.

4. Hold your breath for 30 seconds to check for COVID19: This is also a myth and the best way to check for the virus is a lab test.

5. Cold weather and snow can kill COVID19: We are still not able to kill COVID19 and the best way to remain safe is social distancing and frequent washing of hands.

Top 10 Myths about COVID19

6. Taking a hot shower can prevent can COVID19: Hot showers are good for health but there is no evidence that it can protect us from corona so don’t fall for these myths.

7. Hand dryers can kill COVID19 : The best way to kill the virus is by sanitizing and frequent washing with soap. Hand dryer is just a myth.

8. Thermal scanners can detect COVID19: Thermal scanners can only detect temperature and not corona. It takes 2 to 10 days for a person to get infected with COVID19 so thermal scanning is not a sure shot deal.

9. Rinsing your nose with saline water can prevent COVID19: This is also a myth. Rinsing your nose can prevent you from common cold but not COVID19.

10. Eating Garlic can prevent COVID19: Again a myth, Garlic is good for health but there is no evidence that it can prevent corona.

Please stay away from false information and myths and stay home and stay safe.

Source : WHO




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