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Top 10 States with highest crime rate

People say education or literacy decreases the crime rate in a country. Here are Top 10 States with highest crime rate. National Crime Records Bureau also known as NCRB  has the job of collecting the crime and data and analysing it under the Indian Penal code. In 2015 NCRB has released the crime date and states are ranked as per Cognizable  crime rate per 100,000. This actually means incidents reported per 100,000 population and Nagaland is ranked last in this data where it 55.1 per 100,000. Here is list of top 10 states with the highest crime and rate and along with that is the literacy rate is also mentioned for these states.

State Cognizable Crime Rate Literacy Rate
Kerala 723.2 93.91
Madhya Pradesh 348.3 70.63
Assam 321.8 73.18
Haryana 310.4 76.64
Telangana 290.7 66.50
Rajasthan 273.9 67.06
Tamil Nadu 271.2 80.33
Maharashtra 231.2 82.91
Arunachal Pradesh 227.8 66.95
Karnataka 224 75.6

Top 10 States with highest crime rate

What is surprising about this data is that it completely destroys the argument that education can reduce crime because Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the country and also has the highest crime rate. India’s Literacy rate as a country is 74% and in this list there are 5 states which have higher literacy rate than 74% and they feature in the state with highest crime rate. What’s more disappointing is that there has been a substantial increase in the crime rate in the past 3 years when NCRB gave their last report.

In 2012 Cognizable crime rate for Kerala was 455.8 per 100,000. There has been an increase of around 58% crime rate in the past 3 years. The other surprising thing is that Bihar which is always accused of a poor and crime state and has been given the title of ‘Jungle Raaj’ stands on the 19th place way above so called developed states like Kerala and Maharashtra. The thing to understand is that for India to develop the crime for all the states has to below 200 per 100,000 and for this everyone has to work which includes the force and the civilians as well. We hope when the next report comes then the crime rate would drop substantially.



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