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When heart gave the heart to live

People often say, Do you have the heart to achieve this?. They say human body is the masterpiece and a work of art. When heart gave the heart to live is one of the stories that might actually give you the heart to live your dream even in your weakest moment. On a regular evening when I was working in Office and I felt that suddenly my heart has started pumping a little more faster than normal and I ignored it and suddenly it started paining me beyond a limit that I could continue with my work and I immediately rushed to my Place.

As I reached my place and opened the gate, I saw Heath ledger poster on my wall and it read ‘Why so Serious‘, I said to myself why I am being so concerned, It will go away. Now the pain was getting intense and I could literally hear my Heartbeat and it was thumping like anything. There was no way that I was going to see a doctor, as I wanted to experience it and wondered that what could happen if I die. I was so close to it and all I could think was the people I love and it was very hard for me to streamline my thoughts and they crashed into one another.

When heart gave the heart to live

I looked at the mirror and saw a strange glow on my face and wondered and said to myself that there is still a lot of life left in me. I reached to my cellphone to look at the time and saw the digital clock and it was so still and it gave me shivers and a reality check, I changed to conventional theme as I wanted to see the seconds hand moving. I stared at the seconds hand for around 3 minutes and realised that things are in motion and the pain would go away. The moment I thought that the pain would go away, it got more intense and now i was terrified beyond a reasonable level. I thought of watching something light and tried to cheer myself up, but I couldn’t move even a nerve on my face so that i could smile. I tired to avoid negative thoughts but for the first time in my life, it was very hard to control my thought process as it was concentrated on the heartbeat that was getting more intense every minute.

When heart gave the heart to live

I thought to myself that I still have an ace up my sleeve and started to meditate and as soon as i closed my eyes, The darkness shivered me and I immediately  opened my eyes. I was trying not to blink even as I wanted to keep my eyes opened as long as I could. I thought of calling the people I love, but decided against it as in my last moments I wanted my little time that I had. The pain now was so intense that I could feel the flow of blood in my veins has reduced and I felt very weak. I decided to lean against the wall and light a cigarette(Smoking is injurious to health)

When heart gave the heart to live


I knew that smoking now would be disastrous but this time I was not thinking about the result as it was inevitable. Smoke always gives me a surreal feeling, maybe because it vanishes so quickly. One drag after another and my heart was now about to burst out. I was now filled with anger and continued to smoke and I wanted my veins to completely dry up now. I looked at my palm and there were still red patches that signified that heart is still trying in his last moments to do what it is meant for. I thought to myself if my heart still has the heart to survive this, then I am not going to give up. I finished the smoke and got up, put on my running shoes as anger was still there as I wanted to test my heart and see how long it can survive, I said to myself, Are you ready for this last run?……..To be Continued.….


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